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2015 Participating Artists Profiles

Allison Collins
Allison Collins

Painting: Oils

When I start to work I donít know what a painting is going to look like.
As I layer the paint and color Iím searching for balance between extremes. The paint is thick or thin, warm or cool, vibrant and subtle.
The process is usually painstaking but occasionally spontaneous. Each layer contains windows of past colors and shapes, luminescent washes and scraped lines that create a crazy quilt landscape full of beautiful
distinct details.

Collins went to the University of Washington and graduated with degrees in art education and a BFA in painting. She worked with Alden Mason, Jacob Lawrence, and Michael Spafford. She got her MFA from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles California. She is the recipient of numerous awards including Whitney Museum of American Art Fellowship, and has exhibited with Foster/White since 1982. Collins has work in public and corporate collections in Washington, Texas and California.

Mailing address
473 Kielhaven Lane
Lopez Island, WA 98261




2015 Lopez Island Studio Tour
Allison Collin's Studio at 473 Kielhaven Lane