Featuring Artists: Anne Whirledge-Karp and Annie Vandervelde
Lopez Island Library
Lopez Island Library
2225 Fisherman Bay
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Art In the Library - Artist of the Month

Lopez Library is a public library created by the people of Lopez to provide resources and services for the enrichment of their cultural and recreational lives, and to provide information needed for daily living and decision-making. The library strives to promote the love of reading and of lifelong learning.

The library provides a premier place for artists to show their work. A volunteer Art Coordinator's primary role is seeking and selecting artists for each show. Artists wishing to display at the library can contact our current art coordinator, Kristina Moen at 468-3933. Art displayed in the entry cabinet can be coordinated through Meg Ryan at 468-4330.

May. 18, 2018 - Jun. 29, 2018: Art in the Library
McDermott Farm House

This exhibit features watercolor and pastel paintings, woodcuts and photography of Anne Whirledge and the ceramic hand creations of Annie Vandervelde.

Artist's Statements:

Anne Whirledge-Karp,
"I enjoy the challenge of different ways of depicting light as it plays within a painting or image. I am greatly influenced by my love of the outdoors, wildflowers, gardening and travels. Many of the pieces in this show were inspired by my life on Lopez and the iconic scenery that surrounds us daily as well as the garden spaces at my home. In addition I have found inspiration from travels with other artists to Egypt, Croatia and France. Work in this exhibit includes, watercolors, pastels, woodcuts, and photographs."

Annie Vandervelde,
"Clay has become a wonderful extension of my 2-dimensional art. I'm able to layer, pull, mold the clay in ways I cannot do with painting. The results are sometimes functional, sometimes not. I work to master the wheel formations, but once done, I love to distort so that function can become artistic, whimsical. A plate can be more than a plate. A tea cup can remind one of Alice having tea with the queen."

Ender Farm, Barn and Milk House
Tickle by Clematis
Annie Vandervelde
Annie Vanderveld Ceramics
Annie Vandervelde, Ceramics