Colin Goode
Colin Goode
Painting: Oil/acrylic landscapes
Other Media: Iconography

Mailing address
PO Box 276
Lopez Island, WA 98261



Colin Goode Gallery & Studio
95 Village Road
Phone 360.468.4715
May - September the studio is open during gallery hours, Thursday: - 10am - 4pm, Friday: Noon - 7pm, Saturday: - 10am - 4pm. Other days and times on request
Handicapped Access
Dostoyevsky claimed that beauty and truth are one. Painting with passion is my primary goal, in the hope that through it I will convey beauty, truth, and peace.

I have painted for over sixty years, but more intentionally for the past fifteen. My wife, Moira, and I discovered Lopez Island thirteen yeas ago and began to make it our home. We opened our Gallery in Lopez Village in 2005.

The Island is the main focus of my oil painting. In the last few years I have explored the intriguing world of Byzantine Iconography and teach a five-day icon workshop in a ``retreat`` atmosphere each year. The other workshops I offer are landscapes in a combination of acrylic and oil.