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Lynda Meurk Anderson
Lynda Meurk Anderson

Multimedia: Painting, drawing, printing, beading
Printmaking: Monotype with collage and painting
Sculpture: Found art using wood, medals, textiles
Textile: Felt making and textile dyeing

I earned my degree in costume design, and went on to work in textiles and then interior design and landscape design. In the past 10 years, I`ve begun to merge my experiences in these fields with fine-art sculpture and printmaking. The organic shapes and processes observed in my garden are a great influence, as are the different cultures I`ve encountered in travels through Asia and Europe. In my recent work, I focus on blending my fondness for antiques and found art with a healthy dose of humor.

Mailing address
4620 S Bradford St
Seattle, WA 98118




Studio: The Garage Gallery
28 Flint Road
Phone 360.468.3245
Open occasionally and by appointment
Handicapped Access