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Daphne Morris
Daphne Morris

Painting: Watercolor
Mixed Media: Mini dioramas
Illustration: Botanical

My studies in zoology, marine biology and art history have led me to many local spots with pencil and paintbrush in hand. Perhaps my favorite activity is to settle down on a rock above a tide pool and observe what is going on with creatures from the tiny isopods to the majestic Minke whales. From my favorite island perch on Lopez I often spot mirages and other awesome sights such as sea lions, bald eagles, radar-jamming jets, oil tankers and dragonflies. As I draw or paint, I find grand patterns and purposes lurking everywhere - under water, under rocks, in fields and even in parking lots.

Mailing address
601 Hughes Bay Rd
Lopez Island, WA 98261




Studio 25
25 Eads Lane
Phone 360.468.2111