2015 Members by Name

Anaya, Sally JaneTextile (Basketry, sculpture)
Functional Art (Baskets, vessels)
Jewelry (Woven, beaded)
Anderson, Lynda MeurkMultimedia (Painting, drawing, printing, beading)
Printmaking (Monotype with collage and painting)
Sculpture (Found art using wood, medals, textiles)
Textile (Felt making and textile dyeing)
Anderson, TJ Other Media (Wood bowls, platters, etc)
Sculpture (Lathe turned wood sculptures)
Functional Art (Functional wood pieces, ie bowls)
Arps, Heather Textile (Cotton quilts, knitted woolens)
Austin, Leslie Ceramics
Baldwin, Carolyn Painting
Baltzer, Janet Supporting Member
Bingham, Nancy Ceramics (Functional stoneware)
Sculpture (Clay sculpture)
Painting (Water color and acrylic)
Bladt, Ralph Painting (Plien air watercolor painting)
Drawing (Watercolor and chalk figurative)
Blomberg, Irene MSculpture (Stone)
Bower, Diana LuhnPrintmaking (Letterpress printing and waterolor)
Painting (Watercolor)
Bronstein, Maxine Textile (Knitted and felted clothing, hand-dyed yarn)
Brooks, Mixed Media
Buchanan, Tamara Sculpture (Hand carved stone sculpture)
Buffum, Wendy Painting
Bundy, Deborah Painting
Carter, Christi Photography
Carter, Stephen NicolasCeramics (Maiolica, terra cotta)
Sculpture (Wood carving, country artifacts)
Cavanagh, Peter RPhotography (Wildlife and travel)
Collins, Debbie Functional Art
Mixed Media
Cosgrove, Helen Supporting Member
Creps, Bruce Supporting Member
Cross, Mary BywaterTextile (Woolen quilts)
Dalton, Lark Glass (Blown)
Ellestad, Bruce Supporting Member
Garcia, Martha Glass (Stained glass)
Goode, Colin Painting (Oil/acrylic landscapes)
Other Media (Iconography)
Graville, Iris Paper (Hand-bound journals; hand-built boxes)
Other Media (Creative nonfiction)
Haight, Corrie Glass (Blown)
Hall, Ron Supporting Member
Ham, Polly Sculpture (Animals and natural forms in clay or mixed media)
Ceramics (Glazed or sawdust fired porcelain)
Hanks, Jeffrey Ceramics (Functional & decorative stoneware & porcelain)
Functional Art (Pottery)
Harrison, Lorrie Supporting Member
Harrison, Robert S.Photography
Hasbrouck, Donna JoyFunctional Art (Stone masonry)
Hatch, Scott Photography
Hattman, Karen Painting
Hayward, Debbie Textile (Handwoven scarves, shawls, blankets, rugs, Lopez wool)
Hill, Steven RPainting (Pastels, watercolors and oils for plein air landscape paintings)
Drawing (All mediums - landscape, portrait and figurative works)
Hoffman, Shannon MelialaniGlass (Beach glass jewelry)
Jewelry (Stone collection cut from raw rock, shaped and polished)
Hopper, Eric Photography
Horn, Steve Photography
Jael, Brenna Illustration (Illustration & sequential art)
Painting (Signs & murals)
Functional Art (Papercrafting)
Paper (Traditional and repurposed bookbinding)
James, Colleen Sculpture (Bronze, porcelain, paper)
Jewelry (Cameos, silk ribbon, leather and beads)
Johnson, Jonelle Printmaking (Etching, monoprint)
Mixed Media (Watercolor)
Karp, Michael Sculpture (Stone)
Kelts, Randolph (Randy)Painting (Watercolor, gouache, acrylic)
Mixed Media (Monotype, drawings, collage)
Printmaking (Monotype, monoprint, intaglio, relief)
Koenig, Linda AnnePhotography (Used i-pad camera)
Mixed Media (Assemblage)
Painting (Watercolor)
Kuentzel, Peter Sculpture (Ceramics)
Langford, Lane Painting (Acrylic on panel)
Lasbo, Povl Photography
Luckhurst, Marie Painting (Watercolor)
Other Media (Mask making)
Lukahnovich, Lydia Ceramics
Functional Art
Malay, Christa Painting (Pastels,watercolors,oils)
Printmaking (Etchings,serigraphs)
Graphic Design (Logos, posters)
Illustration (Drawings, cartoons, caricatures)
Maren, Aurore Painting (Oils, watercolor)
Glass (Fused, cast and slumped: sculpture and windows)
Other Media (Landscape architectural design)
Marshall, Terry Sculpture (Mixed media paper mache)
Paper (Collage)
Painting (Watercolor)
McCabe, Bob Functional Art (Wooden furniture)
McCauley, Amanda SummersOther Media (Pressed flowers)
McLeland, Jules KathrynJewelry
Metcalf, Sheila Textile (Artisan hand woven and dyed apparel)
Mino, Barbara Painting (Watercolor, oil, pastel)
Sculpture (Clay)
Drawing (Pencil, charcoal, pen/ink)
Moore, John Sculpture (Metal work)
Moore, Sally Textile (Printing and designing)
Other Media (Metal art and garden)
Morris, Daphne Painting (Watercolor)
Mixed Media (Mini dioramas)
Illustration (Botanical)
Morris, Laura J.Ceramics (Mainly functional)
Neece, Ginny Painting (Pastels)
Nepom, Barbara Textile
Norman, Ron Sculpture (New and recycled metals)
O'Bryant, Christopher Functional Art (Wood furniture)
O'Daugherty, Diana Textile (Imagination, design, construction!)
Paige, Linnea Arntson
Palmisani, Nikyta Multimedia
Mixed Media
Poza, Karen Jewelry (Cold wire work, soldering, and fine silver fusing)
Preston, Molly Painting (Oil)
Proctor, Robert
Rabel, Matthew Supporting Member
Ratza, Josh Ceramics
Reed, Emily
Roundy, Suzanne Mixed Media (Paper collage & found object assemblage)
Photography (Travel & food)
Roush, Natalie Painting
Roush, Terri Glass (Fused glass bowls, functional tableware, cast obects)
Ruegge, Steve Sculpture (Fiber cement castings)
Rust, Julia Painting
Rust, Michael Painting
Ryan, Dennis MichaelOther Media (Architecture, interior design)
Functional Art (Furniture)
Sculpture (Clay, wood, metal, stone)
Painting (Watercolor)
Ryan, Meg Other Media (Mild steel sculpture, galvanized plant containers)
Mixed Media
Savage, Patie Painting (Oil painting on canvas)
Glass (Fused glass plates, platters and bowls)
Ceramics (Clay animals)
Schreurs, Marjorie Other Media (Glass beads and silver wire on stainless steel flatware)
Scilipoti, Jan Textile
Scott, Kate A.Painting (Oil, water color, oil pastel)
Drawing (Prisma color, pen and ink, graphite)
Printmaking (Etchings, art prints of originals)
Graphic Design (Logos, letter heads, posters)
Scriver, Summer MoonPhotography
Singer, Richard Painting (Watercolor)
Mixed Media (Painting and photography)
Other Media (Island boxes with 2d and 3d media)
Smith, Sylvia ChesleyPainting
Snowden, Sarah Painting (Overglaze paints kiln fired on porcelain)
Sovelove, Steve Functional Art (Furniture)
Spunar, SuZan Photography
Sundquist, Jan Drawing (Charcoal and graphite)
Painting (Some watercolor & acrylic)
Drawing (Pastel)
Taylor, Lori Mixed Media (Functional and decorative mosaic using glass, stone and other)
Thomas, Joan Painting (Watercolor)
Vandervelde, Ann Painting (Acrylic and paper on canvas)
Vorobik, Linda AnnIllustration (Botanical art)
Textile (Hand-painted silk scarves)
Painting (Botanical watercolors)
Drawing (Botanical drawings in pencil, ink)
Waerness, Raiti Supporting Member
Ward, Jane Supporting Member
Waugh, Sara Painting (Watercolor, acrylic)
Drawing (Charcoal on paper)
Mixed Media
Westervelt, Lisa Textile (Woolwares)
Whirledge Karp, Anne Painting (Watercolor, pastel)
Printmaking (Wood cuts)
Wilson, Cathleen JPhotography
Wrubleski, Steven Glass (Stained glass)
Yang, Janet Jewelry
Mixed Media